Feb 07 - 28 2016
SunWater Meditation in the Koan Zen Tradition

SunWater Meditation in the Koan Zen Tradition

at SunWater Spa

Twenty to thirty minutes of meditation, during which a koan is introduced, followed by group discussion and exploration. A koan is an ancestral saying or story in which someone experienced an awakening, and by taking up these stories personally, beyond mere analysis, we ourselves can experience that same awakening. This is because awakening doesn't belong to any one person - it is an inherent part of existence itself, available to us all. Koan meditation is a way of dissolving the obstacles that keep us from connecting with that awakening, a way of realizing the inherent freedom of the very lives we are living now.

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Admission Info

This is a donations based class.

Dates & Times

2016/02/07 - 2016/02/28

Location Info

SunWater Spa

514 El Paso Blvd, Manitou Springs, CO 80829