Feb 13 2016
Shine Nation Benefit Concert presented by Classically Alive at Classically Alive, Colorado Springs CO

Shine Nation Benefit Concert

Presented by Classically Alive at Classically Alive

“Shine Nation”   Benefit Concert

Victoria Lipscomb, singer/songwriter and with her band, “Kopesetik Soul” ...

Cindy Saunders, voice & Abe Minzer, piano ...

Charlie Katz, voice, guitar/piano ...

Pat & Ron Thrasher, vocals, violin & piano... and...

The Fox Meadow Middle School Student String Octet   

Saturday, February 13, 2016, 5:30 PM 

The Minzer/Schreuder Residence

8 Broadmoor Hills Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80906




Social Time 5:30 - 6:00


Indie Soul

Compositions by singer Victoria Lipscomb and with her band, “Kopesetik Soul”

(Andrea Stone - Guitar/ Vocals, Joseph Lamar - Piano/Vocals, Khenyetta Summers – Vocals,  Devin Harrison - Electric Guitar,  Victoria Lipscomb - Guitar/percussion/Vocals)

“Shine Nation” - what we are about!  Victoria Lipscomb, President, Shine Nation


Classical Songs: Cindy Saunders, soprano, Abe Minzer, piano

All-time Favorites/Greatest Hits from the Last 50 Years: Charlie Katz, voice, guitar/piano 

Original songs by Ron Thrasher: Pat & Ron Thrasher, vocals, guitar/piano

“Shine Nation” Q & A

Fox Meadow Middle School Student String Octet

Violins: Kristina Smith, Janelle Joyner, Jacquelyn Shaw, Lailannie Williams

Violas: Rebecca Olson, Amy Martinez 

Cello: Selena Mendez

Bass: Manuel Talamantes

Ron Thrasher, Director



Victoria Lipscomb, singer/songwriter, Shine Nation, President, is one of the leading musical talents of the Pikes Peak region.  Victoria is vocalist/acoustic guitarist of Kopesetik Soul, vocalist with Majestic City, and CEO of “Lyricks Lounge” Studio.  Victoria is very involved with church music programs and community outreach.   Victoria is such an inspirational force behind Shine Nation, with her dedication, warmth, great sense of humor, and passion for Shine Nation.


Cindy Saunders, soprano, Shine Nation artistic consultant, frequently performs with Abe Minzer and others at Classically Alive.  Cindy’s distinguished career includes both performing and teaching.   She teaches private piano and voice, vocal coaching, and serves as musical director for youth theater productions.  Cindy hold music degrees in vocal performance from the Juilliard School of Music and from the Manhattan School of Music. 


Charlie Katz, voice, guitar/piano, Shine Nation consultant, is in high demand as a performer in the coffee shops/cafes, pubs, community centers,  and senior centers in the Pikes Peak region.  Charlie is on staff at KCME Classical Radio directing Corporate Sponsorship Sales.  Charlie has held high leadership positions in business and finance, including Director of Corporate Engagement for the National Academy Foundation, a non-profit educational foundation.


Abe Minzer, piano, director/Classically Alive, Shine Nation founder, teaches music at PPCC and UCCS while maintaining as active career as solo and chamber music pianist.  Classically Alive has been a great ride and will continue to flourish, but communities need organizations like Shine Nation. 


Pat Thrasher, voice, piano, Shine Nation, Secretary, has performed as vocalist and accompanist with many schools and churches over the years.  Pat is a great asset to Shine Nation with her long career in organizational consulting.  She is always positive and encouraging, and like a captain, always keeps us on course, going forward.  Currently, Pat is a realtor  for Sellstate Alliance Realty. 


Ron Thrasher, voice, guitar, Shine Nation artistic consultant, is the music teacher at Fox Meadow Middle School, District 2.  His musical talents are far-reaching.  Besides being a great inspiration and super-dedicated to his students,  Ron is a composer, a singer, plays piano, and all the string instruments and most of the wind instruments.  Ron’s great work with kids was as a major catalyst in the formation of Shine Nation.


Shine Nation

Mission Statement:
“Shine Nation provides empowering opportunities for underserved youth
 in our community to participate in all the arts.”

Quote from Victoria Lipscomb: “Youth opportunities make you rich for your entire life!”

Shine Nation will accomplish this Mission by:
1) Obtaining Federal and Local funding for the project
    -Investigating all aspects of Federal, State, Local, Corporate and Private Funding and Advertising
2) Obtaining secure locations in the community for after school activities
3) Enlisting the aid of vital people from the community who can help further the goals of this mission
    -Install a Community Liaison person or persons who works with community contacts

Shine Nation will provide:
1) Opportunities to develop talent aimed at growth for those who would otherwise be overlooked.
2) Opportunities that allow for artistic expression.
3) Opportunities to bring all the arts to the community.
    -Instruction in the arts
    -Classes in music-performance, composition, technology, vocal training, choral singing, dance,
     painting, set design and construction
4) Opportunities for theatre, musical theatre, concerts, recitals or art exhibits.
    - Present 1-2 musicals a year
    - Present 1-2 art exhibitions a year
5) At least 2-3 additional performance events a year involving students and/ or faculty.

Shine Nation embraces all forms of art excellence including but not limited to:
Art from the latest styles
Art from different cultures
Art from the rich heritage of our regional history and roots


Under the sponsorship of the Pikes Peak Arts Council, Classically Alive hosts over 60 musicians and other artists, and features diverse monthly at-home music/arts salon concerts which include dinner and drinks. Founder, director, and pianist, Dr. Abe Minzer performs along with many top musicians of the Pikes Peak region, as well as renowned visiting artists on the national and international scene.  Classically Alive hosts a wide range of styles including classical, contemporary, popular styles, jazz, and world music. 

For more information, please visit: http://ClassicallyAlive.com 


Classically Alive is thrilled with the recent acquisition of a 9-foot Bechstein concert grand piano, an instrument of highest quality.  A tremendous thank you goes to both Elvie Davis (Shine Nation founding member) and Diane Petersen for making the opportunity possible.  Also, a special thank you goes to Fisher Piano Movers and their caring team for their most expert and professional work in moving the Bechstein to its new Classically Alive home.


Admission Info

$15 - suggested donation

Email: aminzer@comcast.net

Dates & Times

2016/02/13 - 2016/02/13

Location Info

Classically Alive

8 Broadmoor Hills Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80906