Sep 03 - 29 2018
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Pro Series

Presented by Gather Food Studio & Spice Shop at Gather Food Studio

Have you always wanted to cook like a chef, but not make the long-term time commitment that a culinary school requires? Then this is the series for you!

Spend quality one-on-one time with a seasoned chef who will teach you how to cook like a chef at home. This series will come with a Gather Food Studio course handbook with a complete glossary section for terminology definitions.

The Pro Series will be a combination of lecture, hands on, and demonstration with an emphasis on terms, techniques, and methods. Most if not all classes will include cooking. This is a fantastic month long “crash course” for the aspiring chef or home cook what really would like to hone in on their skills.

This course will include classic and contemporary recipes and techniques and is meant to cover a lot of information. Classes will include in-depth one-on-one instruction, lectures, hands-on practicals, demonstrations and homework!

Admission Info

There are only 3 tickets available for this series.

Tickets are $500 for the 12 class/4 week series (3 classes per week).

Phone: (719) 308-2992

Dates & Times

2018/09/03 - 2018/09/29

Additional time info:

Week 1:  Stocks & Sauces

Tuesday, September 4th, Day 1: Stocks – Chicken, Veal, Fish – fumet, glace, remoulage

Wednesday, September 5th, Day 2: Mother Sauces and derivatives.  Bechamel, Espagnole, Tomato, Hollandaise, Veloute, Demi-Glace.  Then learn derivatives of these classic sauces.

Thursday, September 6th, Day 3: Contemporary Sauces.  Compound butters, pan-sauces, gastrique, coulis, beurre blanc, mousseline and foams.

Week 2 – Product Identification, Garde Manger, Meat Cutting

Monday, September 10th, Day 1: Product Identification of pantry and cooler ingredients – dried beans, grains, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices

Wednesday, September 12th, Day 2: Garde Manger – Condiments, Pate, Mousse, Classic Salads

Thursday, September 13th, Day 3:  Meat Cutting – whole chicken breakdown, whole rabbit breakdown, whole fish breakdown (& bone removal -roundfish, not flat), Frenching chops – will also include a cooking demo for each protein.

Week 3 – 8 Proper Cooking Techniques (steam, poach, fry, saute, grill, bake, braise/stew, infrared), Meat and Poultry, Fish and Shellfish

Monday, September 17th, Day 1: Lecture on cooking techniques and what is each is optimized for. Demo on proper techniques for all cooking methods

Wednesday, September 19th, Day 2: Meat and Poultry – cut identification and use.  Best cuts for different cooking techniques. Marbling. Tough muscles vs. tender muscles. Sous-vide, Reverse searirng, Prime Rib

Thursday, September 20th, Day 3: Fish and Shellfish – Fish and shellfish identification, flat fish vs. round fish. Curing and smoking, raw & cooked preparations, en papillote, en croute.

Week 4 – Cream-based Desserts and Fruit Sauces, Puff Pastry and Mousse, Iron Chef Competition

Monday, September 24th, Day 1: Panna Cotta, Crème Brulee, Flan, fruit purees, crème anglaise

Wednesday, September 26th, Day 2: Making puff pastry from scratch, crème patisserie, napoleons, palmiers, popovers, dark chocolate and white chocolate mousse.

Saturday, September 29th, Day 3: Take what you have learning and put it to the test because its Iron Chef competition day!  Invite your friends & family to come and see what you have learned!

Location Info

Gather Food Studio

2015 W. Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80904