Aug 02 2018
All-Brahms presented by Classically Alive at Classically Alive, Colorado Springs CO


Presented by Classically Alive at Classically Alive

Classically Alive presents All-Brahms, the complete Piano and Cello Sonatas as well as Piano 4-Hands, Walter Hautzig Memorial Series.


Enjoy a program for cello and piano, and piano 4-hands featuring exclusively the music of Johannes Brahms. Brahms the great Romantic master needs little introduction, as he is up there as one of the great “Three B’s”along with Bach and Beethoven. And what a joy to hear music on the richly, beautiful cello, plus the 9 foot Bechstein concert grand.

Robert Sacks returns from Chicago, having played here summer 2017 in an all-Schubert program. Paul Christopher is from Louisiana and makes his debut at Classically Alive. Abe Minzer, will do some playing on the piano as well.

Classically Alive is dedicating this concert again to the late Walter Hautzig, the incredible, world-renowned pianist/musician and teacher to his many fortunate students.

The program begins with Brahms’ Sixteen Waltzes for piano 4-hands, some very famous you will know, a kind of delightful appetizer for what is to follow. The major work of the first half is the E Minor Sonata. In the minor mode, the first movement is filled with a dark passion and intense lyricism, and very songful. The second movement in contrast is a playful dance per Brahms’ indication, like a Minuet. The third final movement is brilliant, virtuosic with some difficult writing, complex interplay between all the parts, and will have you breathless by the end.

While the E Minor Sonata is an earlier composition, the F Major Sonata which is the entire second half, is a later work by Brahms. In four movements now, the first movement, Allegro vivace, seems more than fast and lively. The music seems to take audiences on many interesting excursions, varying moods, twists and turns. The second movement, slow, with the composer’s affettuoso indication, finds Brahms at one of his most loving, tender moments. The third movement, a complete 180, is a dark Scherzo- think of dark humor, plus some exciting hair-raising virtuoso writing. The finale, concluding movement, Allegro molto (very fast), then find Brahms in an utterly happy, joyful, jovial state with folk-like melodies dancing us to it glorious conclusion.

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Tickets are $25 for general admission, which includes heavy hors d’oeuvres and drinks. Student tickets are $10.

Please RSVP by phone or email.

Phone: (719) 229-2239


Dates & Times

2018/08/02 - 2018/08/02

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Classically Alive

8 Broadmoor Hills Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80906