All Breed Rescue & Training located in Colorado Springs CO

All Breed Rescue & Training



 (719) 264-6460

 410 1/2 E Fillmore St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

All Breed Rescue & Training’s mission is to rescue, rehab, rehome, retrain (or train) at-risk shelter dogs, and provide professional education services for all dog owners.

Primarily serving Colorado Springs and the greater El Paso County community, All Breed Rescue & Training (ABRT) has two main goals. First and foremost, the Rescue was established in 1994 to rescue dogs that are at risk for euthanasia at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region. They have over 75 dedicated foster homes that allow them to rehabilitate and re-home these dogs that otherwise would not get a chance. Second, they are committed to training and educating the Colorado Springs community to develop a deeper bond between them and the dogs that they care for, resulting in a long, established relationship between human and dog. Their training methodology uses state of the art positive reinforcement and relationship building techniques. ABRT offers a wide variety of training courses for family dog skills or competition in various dog sports. Additionally, ABRT provides special behavior programs for dogs with fear and socialization issues. This training gives dog owners the tools they need to keep dogs in their homes for a lifetime.

All Breed Rescue & Training is the only PACFA registered dog rescue in Colorado Springs.