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Colorado Springs Conservatory

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 415 South Sawatch Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

The Colorado Springs Conservatory offers internationally recognized instruction and performance opportunities for students ages three through nineteen in instrumental music, vocals, theater, dance/movement and its singular Recording Arts Program.

The mission of the Colorado Springs Conservatory is to inspire, motivate and challenge all students to aspire to their highest potential as artists and human beings through arts immersion studies and community arts advocacy. The goal is to promote a respect for the humanities by discipline of mind and spirit, a joyful affirmation of life, and a passionate commitment to an idea. CSC is committed to integrating the effects of this philosophy within community by engaging all students in advocacy and leadership activities. By connecting students to the great traditions of the past, CSC gives them the keys, which will unlock their future.

The vision of the Colorado Springs Conservatory is to encourage students to challenge their approach to learning and incorporate their commitment to the arts as a vehicle to broaden understanding of themselves and the world around them. The staff, faculty, and board support the pursuit of responsible risks and the ability to question, create, search and struggle productively. They ask that each and every student explore arts history so as to better understand the human element. It is through such a quest that one graduates from the CSC program a vital, confident, intelligent, creative and talented, contributing citizens who will in turn provide these very opportunities to youth that follow.

With Founding CEO Linda Weise at the helm alongside a distinguished board of directors, Conservatory faculty and students perform at more than 300 community events each year and are deeply committed to community advocacy. The Conservatory is internationally distinguished as a Royal Conservatory Founding School for excellence in pedagogy, and as an Arts Schools Network Exemplary School for strategic evaluation, operations and programs.