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Meditation 719

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 427 E. Colorado Ave. Suite 223, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

In ancient wisdom, meditation in Sanskrit means “to cultivate the self”.  Wisdom such as this carries through the generations and reminds us of the strength we hold within.  Meditation 719 offers classes and workshops for mindful being, mindful business, and mindful creativity.  Here at the center, we provide opportunities to find your calm in a relaxing environment downtown.  Whether you are looking for a meditation space to delve into your own reflections or to rekindle inner wisdom through classes designed to help you develop or grow your practice, we are here to support you.

It is our honor to offer guided meditations to help you connect, restore positive energy, and to support inner transformation through mindful cultivation of self.  Your inner thoughts have a direct impact on your life, and at the center, you are invited to explore your attention and intention, to stretch your vision, to embrace creativity, and to let go of old patterns that may have prevented growth.

Check out our unique offerings at our website, such as our mindful lunch classes offering an opportunity to take a break midday, to nourish your well-being and reattune for the day ahead.

Meditation 719 welcomes all on their path to their most authentic self.


Our Response to COVID-19 :

We honor one another's well-being and ask that if you have been exposed to COVID or have symptoms common to COVID that you please schedule a new time for classes following federal guidelines and recommendations for appropriate quarantine.