YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region located in Colorado Springs CO

YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region


Website: http://www.ppymca.org

 (719) 471-9790

 316 N Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

The Y is community. The Y is family. The Y is your home.

The Y is a dedicated association of members, staff, volunteers, donors, and partners who are steadfast in the mission to build healthy confident, connected, and secure children, adults, families and communities throughout the Pikes Peak Region. The Y believes in fostering the care and respect that all people need and deserve. The Y centers of the Pikes Peak Region are totally inclusive. They serve everyone in this community regardless of gender, race, background, or religion.

Along with the responsibility to make a positive and measurable impact on the community’s health, the Y believes in supporting and making available the opportunities that empower people and entire neighborhoods and cities to grow and thrive.

The Y is not a gym, or a health club, or a day care center, but rather a deeply rooted, not-for-profit community service organization with a long history of success in working for the greater good.

Everyone needs a place to belong. A haven where judgement is left at the door. At the Y, openness and acceptance abound in an atmosphere of friendship and belonging. It is where teamwork is valued, relationships are nurtured, and the uniqueness of the individual is celebrated.

Where can you go? Whom can you trust? How can you be sure? For millions of people all around the globe, the answer is the Y. A safe place where parents can feel secure their children will be watched over. A unique environment where trust, love and compassion flourish.

At the Y, everyone is welcome. Regardless of where you were born, what you believe in, or how high or low you are on the economic scale. It is a place where people are just that—people. A celebration of the individuality that makes us who we are.