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A Music Company Inc.

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 Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Since forming in 2006, A Music Company Inc. quickly became the premier live music promoter in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. It’s easy to understand why. Husband and wife team of George and Amy Whitesell’s combined experience was the perfect match for success. George has been a professional entertainer for over 50 years and has a background working in public relations. Amy has degrees in marketing and business and a passion for music which together contributed to her helping found the Pikes Peak Blues Community in 2003; a local non-profit dedicated to preserving American roots music.

Not only does A Music Company Inc. produce concerts with national artists, but in doing so it partners with local nonprofits, whenever possible, to benefit the community in which it serves. Our involvement locally has helped preserve the arts, benefited public radio and helped support music education for students. Being a full service agency, A Music Company Inc. can fulfill your musical needs no matter how small or grand. From providing a solo performer for background music at an event, assisting non-profits in fund raising efforts, to negotiating contracts with the biggest names in show business for a multi-act festival, A Music Company Inc. is the one to call. But you won’t find DJ services here, remember, our motto is “Keeping Music Live”!