Johnny Stegosaurus

Johnny Stegosaurus

Outdoor Sculpture

 401 North Tejon St., Colorado Springs, CO, 80903

Johnny Stegosaurus is a piece by Paul Lippart of Windsor, CO.

Lippart thrives on taking old machinery apart and finding a way to refabricate it in unique ways.

Says Lippart: “I have a wandering mind, so having a pile of used machine parts in front of me, with a few ideas turning into many ideas, is the perfect way to keep me happy. … In my spare time I can be found behind transmission and engine shops picking through used parts that were destined for the scrap yard. Every piece I pick has a history of its own, and I love to give it a new life. My goal is to find the most unusual parts in order to make my art as unique as the animals I’m portraying.”

Medium type: Aluminum - Brass - Concrete - Glass - Steel