Indoor Sculpture

 111 South Tejon St., Colorado Springs, CO, 80903

Vo is a piece by Chico Santos of Londrina, Brazil.

Says Santos: “A large and strange fungus has been deposited here. It watches the Colorado state from it, as if borrowing the landscape for itself. Its name Vo means, in the language of the Kaingang Indians, ‘noise of walking in the woods, heart beating.’

It is here to dialogue with the city as much as to promote public dialogue with it. By taking the landscape as an element of its existence, Vo invites the public to establish possible links, observe similarities and dissonances with the street, making its relationship wider.

The meaning of the title enhances this relationship. Colorado Springs offers beautiful trails, invites to the walk; it highlights the rustling of trees and visual textures made by the landscape sets to the scents that can only be found in such environments.”

This piece is located inside the lobby of the Plaza of the Rockies.

Medium type: Marble - Microcontroller - Resin