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2018 Storm Drain Art: Marey Harlow

My design involves a pretty basic concept, fish. I must say, I love the simple spray painted fish design that has been the “no dumping” indicator on our curbs for years, I notice them every time I’m walking downtown. So that was my main inspiration when I thought about what I would be designing. I also love flat design and pattern, and when I think of fish, I certainly think of pattern and all of their different traits.

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Graphic Designer and Artist (but not in a pretentious way). With a focus on design and clean lines, I’ve always gravitated towards digital art, but a few years ago I became an accidental mural artist on the side. I never thought I would be hanging off of the side of a 100 year old building painting a ladybug but its certainly been an entertaining surprise. I love bringing the elements of minimal design and illustration to the tangible art world. The idea of painting on public works sounds much more enjoyable than on a canvas so I am thrilled to be a part of this moment for our city.

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