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Number 8 Train at Rosemount Station 1910

This mural, showing historic Engine #8 from the Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek Railway Co., was completed by local artist Kim Polomka in 2013. It is especially unique as it includes two speakers that play sound includes train whistles, a chugging engine, and a conductor shouting All Aboard! The sound lasts about 90 seconds and it repeats every hour on the half-hour between 8am and 8pm. Play the video below to hear a recording of the sound. Also, see the photos section below for additional mural details.

The mural is on the northwest wall of the historic Albany Hotel, which is owned by local brothers Chuck and John Murphy. They commissioned artist Kim Polomka to paint a tribute to Colorado Springs’ railroad history. You can actually see Chuck and John in the corner of the mural, alongside a representation of John’s dog. Notice Chuck’s favorite good-luck symbol in his shirt pocket.

The sepia color is accented by just one additional color: gold, in a nod to the history of mining in our region and its impact on Colorado Springs. But the sepia color and layout of the mural are intended to remind you of an old postcard, or even a page from an old scrapbook. The ticket shown is replicated from an actual historic railroad ticket.

The Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek Railway tracks used to run near the old Lowell school on the south side of downtown, and one of the original investors in the railroad was William Lennox, who built this hotel. The Lennox Building, later named t

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Category: Mural

Medium type: Paint (acrylic, oil, etc.)

Date created: 2013


Colorado Springs, CO, 80903



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