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Art Jamboree #12: Lone Wolf

This mural was painted live by local Artist, Jantzen Peake at the 4/20 Art Fest in 2019. The highly detailed mural features many elements including the main figure, a large yellow, three-eyed flying super hero. In its left hand is a Pinocchio Bird like spray paint can.

The right hand is holding a poisonous apple skull with lightening shooting from its eyes. Shiny diamonds fall from the blackened sky. Also scattered throughout the sky are jagged mountains floating on thorn clouds. The Wolf headdress worn by this euphoric yellow character seems to possess magical powers allowing them to soar above the Electrifying Thorn Clouds. These clouds where inspired by a previously existing rose bush that grew in front of the wall. The artist pays homage by reincarnating the rose bush through the thorn clouds.

(Source: conversation with the artist)

Category: Mural

Medium type: Spray Paint/Graffiti Art

Date created: 2019


2351 E. Platte Pl., Colorado Springs, CO, 80909

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