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Continuous Line VI (levity)

Artist Statement: Kelly Goff expresses an interest in edges, spaces between things, points of tension, distances, lines, throughlines, and the displacement of resources. Growing up next to an oil refinery on a Caribbean island still colors much of his sense of the world and exploration of it as an artist. Remote landscapes under threat of human industry are especially potent, so time spent in places such as the Ecuadorian Amazon, the Alaskan wilderness, and the Himalayan nation of Bhutan have been meaningful in his work. Goff’s work for general audiences is more broadly accessible, lighthearted, and formal in nature. Line is a major player in the work: lines like those that connect places, yet also the lines that connect us to each other.

Medium type: Enamel; Steel

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Kelly Goff


Median on S Nevada between Costilla and Cimarron (near Loyal Coffee), Colorado Springs, CO, 80903

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