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Graffiti Warehouse: West Wall

The west wall of the “Graffiti Warehouse” at 224 W Colorado Ave was painted in 2013 by Fuse and his friends. The building owner gave Fuse, a local artist, permission to manage the use of this wall.

Fuse and other expert graffiti artists have painted their tags and street art on this wall. The term graffiti is used for the highly stylized lettering of an artist’s street name, called a tag, is painted typically using aerosol spray paint. Graffiti art is the term used when pictorial representation is added to the work.

The additional photos below show details of the following:

  • Tag by Fuse, street art of a mythical creature that is a combination of a St. Bernard and elephant by Halo
  • Tag by Aste
  • Graffiti art painting of a migrant worker by the nationally known graffiti artist El Mac
  • Tag by Sye from New York City
  • Tag by Crapes from Cincinnati
  • Tag by Kite from Denver
  • Tag by Swek from Denver
  • Tag by SYE from New York City

Source: conversation with the artist

Category: Mural

Medium type: Spray Paint/Graffiti Art

Date created: 2013


224 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO, 80903

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