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Artist: Eileen Gay

Large mosaic figure symbolizing a large hollowed out tree. Two tall twisted and straight edge arms encircle one another at the top of the piece. Each arm is wider at the base. Outside of the sculpture is finished in mosaic and includes glass tile, stone and house keys representing homes that were lost in the Waldo Canyon Fire.

Artist’s Statement:
Heart’s form represents a large, old growth tree; split, blackened and hollowed out by fire yet, as a symbol of its strong heart, still reaching for the sky with a new growth of green. “Heart” twists upward from its 4 x 6 foot base to a height of 12 feet.

The outside of the sculpture is finished in mosaic using hand cut and nipped pieces of bark-like tile that flows up towards the top where green glazed and glass tile fleck the surface and thick green glass ‘windows’ allow light to filter in representing the resurgence of new life in the ‘tree’. The opening in the center of the sculpture allows visitors to move through and activate it. Within, blackened tile walls rise up the sides to the top. In the floor a glass heart is set into the center of concentric rings of mosaic stones representing the core of the tree’s strength.

Medium type: Ceramic Tile; Stone

Date created: 2014


Colorado Springs, CO, 80919

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