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House Art #1: Starry Sky

Jeff Burgess painted this “house art” with design assistance from homeowner Tom Ross. They regularly change the mural art on the front of Tom’s home.

The Starry Sky display includes tantalizing border of repeated letters that can make a number of the words including: “hearth,” “ear,” “the,” “earth,” and “art.” Also, hanging from the yard arm is Tom’s “Dream Bird” which is a cardboard creation of a mythical bird from his dreams. The art is periodically changed and some pieces rotated annually.

See below for other recent murals that were displayed on the front of Tom’s home including: a painting of the original Monument Valley Park before the 1934 flood, painting of Garden of the Gods and a recurrent Halloween display that includes a giant skeleton and Pterodactyl. (Source: conversation with homeowner)

Category: Mural

Medium type: Paint (acrylic, oil, etc.)

Date created: 2017


115 E Espanola St, Colorado Springs, CO, 80907

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