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Ivywild School: Girls Restroom math and science

This mural on the walls of the Ivywild School Girls Restroom was painted in 1992 by Marilyn Lane-Eggleston in response to the principal attending a district science conference. On returning the principle said, “The instructor said we need to teach more science even if we paint it on the bathroom walls.” Marilyn solicited ideas from all the teachers about what subjects should be on the wall and so today in the boys and girls restrooms there are murals on the walls depicting dinosaurs, the major food groups, multiplication tables, basic anatomy, etc. See below for additional photos. (Source: “NOREEN: Preserving the past at Ivywild School” by Barry Noreen in The Gazette, Oct. 30, 2012 and conversation with the artist: Marilyn Lane-Eggleston)

Category: Mural

Medium type: Paint (acrylic, oil, etc.)

Date created: 1992


Colorado Springs, CO, 80905

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