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Love Fist

Love Fist

Artist, Jantzen Peake painted this mural in 2020. The word “love” is incorporated into the mural in a graffiti style lettering. The orange/multi-color Cyborg Wolf with three bulbous eyes and the blue and magenta Horned Ghost below are newer characters from the artist. Fragments of these characters look to spread awareness of the toxic air conditions we as humans and higher governing forces are injecting into the oxygen molecules humans inhale.

The vibrancy of colors in the word “Love”, placed in the center of the mural, really attracts the eye. The adolescent child on the lower left wearing a crown is reminiscent of the lead character in the storybook, “Where the Wild Things Are.” This story is one of Jantzen’s all-time favorite fairytales growing up as a young child. The one-eyed spray can Robot is a villain holding the adolescent King captive in its dungeon. The Adolescent King appears to be reaching for his potential rescuers to the right of the mural. “Find Your Tribe” and “LOVE” in this mural are running themes in the artist’s work.

(Source: conversation with the artist)

Category: Mural

Medium type: Spray Paint/Graffiti Art

Date created: 2020


1025 S. Sierra Madre Ave., Colorado Springs, CO, 80903

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