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Metatron's Cube

Artist: Matt Barton          Year: 2015

“Metatron’s Cube” contains three Platonic Solids (a cube, two intersecting tetrahedrons, and an octahedron), as well as a fourth (an icosahedron) suspended in the center. It is believed that Plato viewed geometric forms as an intermediary realm between the physical and spiritual.  “Sacred Geometry” is shared by many “New Age” enthusiasts and this specific form is said to have to come from people channeling “Archangel Metatron” and that it functions much like an antennae, transmitting and receiving healing and guidance. Barton loved the notion that this piece is, in any way, a tool of some sort for “raising human consciousness” or “healing” (in addition to being an interesting sculptural form).  Who knows, right? Ideally, it will serve as Metatron’s landing pad/portal.

This work of art is located at the north entrance of the shopping center near Trader Joe’s.

Medium type: Steel


Colorado Springs, CO, 80918

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