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Space Needle

Starr Kempf created his steel wind sculptures starting in the late 1970s, each of which took him up to three years to construct. His kinetic wind sculptures were designed to move gracefully and interact with the wind and landscape. Typically in the form of birds or weather vanes, his work stands thirty to fifty feet in height.

Kempf attended the Cleveland Institute of Art and served in the United States Air Force during World War II. In 1948, he purchased property in Cheyenne Canyon, where Starr designed and built a house and art studio. The monumental kinetic sculptures filled the yard of the property, beloved by and bedeviling the quiet surrounding neighborhood with regional, national, and international attention and visitors.

Working with his grandson Joshua M. Kempf, GOCA will for the publicly display three works by Starr Kempf—Sunrise Serenade, Metronome, and Space Needle—on the grounds of the the Ent Center for the Arts for a two year period (through 2020). These futuristic monumental sculptures connect to Colorado Springs history and art historical legacy, while in dialogue with the future of art in the region.

Photo by Tom Kimmell.

Medium type: Paint (acrylic, oil, etc.); Steel

Date created: 1978


5225 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO, 80918

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