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Spirit Mural of Manitou

This Manitou Springs mural was created in 2016 by Manuel and Natalia Pulido on the upper west wall of a series of shops and lofts at 924 Manitou Ave. In this mural, the Great Spirit is portrayed with flowing white hair that transforms into bright, blue mountains. He breathes into the waters of Manitou to bring healing to the people. The bubbles from his mouth transform into the offering beads that sit in the cupped hands of a woman. She receives the healing waters and offers the beads in gratitude. Tava (Sun) Mountain, also called Pikes Peak, is portrayed along with the sun, represented by three golden circles. The circles are symbolic of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; All is One, One is all.

The Manitou Marquee web site gives the following account of the creation of this mural:

Chuck Englund, owner of the building, had a longtime desire to paint a mural on the terracotta space above his shop. Through talking to locals, he was connected to Manuel.

Manuel listened to Chuck’s story. He desired a visual that would portray Manitou’s Native American history. Manuel, coming from a line of Apaches, immediately connected to the vision and was granted freedom of expression to adorn the wall.

Before surrendering to slumber, Manuel shared the encounter with his new bride Natalia. Upon awakening, she shared her dream of an old man giving her beads.

Manuel and Natalia climbed a 30-foot ladder to begin the creation on the rooftop. They began in prayer as they blessed their

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Medium type: Paint (acrylic, oil, etc.)

Date created: 2016


906 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs, CO, 80829

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