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Petrie's Family Games

Petrie’s Family Games located in Colorado Springs 0

In 2009, the Crawford family wanted to offer a bright atmosphere where families and kids would feel just as comfortable as a seasoned gamers, playing all variations of gaming, and build a community center. They wanted everyone who walked through the door to feel as though they had a whole new group of friends, and a safe environment to get to know them.

Play, interact, grow… that’s the model. Every decision we’ve made over the years was within the framework of those three words. You need interaction to play and to play you need interaction… but both gain purpose if there’s also growth in everyone involved.

Petrie’s continues to expand its growing pool of gamers and their families who want to support the concept of a community center for gaming hobbyists of all ages. With it’s revolutionary volunteer program, Petrie’s Family Games continues to be able to staff large programs and run a wide variety of titles thanks to caring people who simply want to connect with others.

Colorado Springs is the perfect venue for this store. The city has long been known as the largest small town. It has a high ratio of families, kids, and hobbyists, perfect to join in on the idea of a community center. Additionally, many of the Crawford’s are native, and Cameron—who was born and raised here—has watched the local gaming culture through its many ups and downs over the past 40 years.

“The idea for Petrie’s came during a lunch meeting twenty years ago with some of the estab

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Petrie's Family Games

7681 N. Union Blvd., Colorado Springs


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