Oct 01 2021
‘Muliebrity’ presented by Theater Guide at The Space, Colorado Springs CO


Presented by The Space at The Space

In celebration of Arts Month 2021, The Space is honored to present 'Muliebrity,' an exploration of Hispanic heritage and femininity featuring surrealist works by Mel CK and Tara Gonzalez, curated by Jasmine Dillavou. This featured exhibition opens on Friday, October 1 and will highlight latinx artists with live painting, music, and more.

Mel CK is from Panama City, Panama, first generation American. She came to the US and grew up in Colorado Springs. Her art is street surrealism influenced by South American street art - a combination created from American hip-hop and cumbia culture. CK says, "My home life and the outside world collided together in me." One can see this in her characters and illustrations being an exaggeration of human anatomy, flora and fauna. The bright colors in Mel’s work are a tribute to her latin roots and the way she sees the world. Colorful.

Tara is a Mexican-American artist based out of Colorado where she was born and raised. Tara received her BA in Art Education and taught for Denver Public Schools. She began focusing on her own work when she moved to California and became inspired by San Francisco's culture. Tara has been honoring all that truly inspires her, which is the subject matter of her art. Her work is a reflection of childlike wonder that is like a blissful state obtained in a memory or dream. The pieces are linked cohesively with reoccurring organic shape and saturated colors that draw viewers into an evolving environment. Tara aspires to strengthen her skills in various mediums and to share her passion for empowering others creativity. You can visit her studio at the Cottonwood Center.

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Email: hello@thespacecos.com

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2021/10/01 - 2021/10/01

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The Space

330 N. Tejon St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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