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Anthony Archuleta

Born and raised in Colorado, Anthony Tomas realized at a very young age that he possessed a unique ability to capture and express emotions on canvas. His talents did not go unrecognized, and as a result had many of his early childhood artwork displayed in various art centers in Colorado. He obtained his Bachelors degree from Colorado State University, and achieved a Masters degree from the University of Colorado.

His work in oils and true fresco continues to evolve from the realism of portraits toward an impressionistic style, where color draws a person into the picture enabling the viewer to feel the emotion that the painting portrays. A number of his paintings currently reside in private collections and galleries.

Inspired by his travels to Spain, France, Italy and South America, Anthony incorporates the use of both knives and brushes along with dramatic and intense colors to create his unique one-of-a-kind paintings. He is best known for his ability to combine colors and textures to evoke feelings and moods in his work. Anthony still resides in Colorado, and continues to travel and gain inspiration for his artwork.

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