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Brett Wilson

Brett Wilson was born in Denver, Colorado and by the age of 27 had moved 17 times, living in various cities in the U.S. This semi-nomadic life provided formative experiences and diverse relationships that impact his outlook on life and artistic focus. Through these experiences and relationships he gained an appreciation for transitional or in-between realities, transformation, multiplicity and simultaneity, ideas that are explored in his work. He has had a solo show at the Business of Arts Center in Manitou Springs in addition to participating in group shows at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, the Smokebrush Gallery, the Warehouse Gallery, the Business of Arts Center and GOCA. Compelled by a fascination with transitional and in-between experiences my work explores multi-narrative environments where cultures combine, perspectives collide, ideas intermingle and relationships are recontextualized. The in-between experience is dynamic, undergoing transformation, or involved in an ongoing process. The Internet, game play, spirituality and migration create in-between experiences that influence identity, and allow for collaboration and even cultural and personal hybridity. I embody these ideas by simultaneously using abstraction and realistic representation, found and fabricated objects and viewer interaction and technology to convey a pluralistic yet interconnected experience.

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