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Corey Davis

From the time I was three I was interested in cameras. I grew up around them in fact. Both my parents are artists and they encouraged me to be creative. I played with cameras the way other children played with toys. I never had a doubt as to what I wanted to be when I grew up. I think I was born a photographer. When I’m shooting, the world around me becomes still, time slows down and I only see what my lens sees. My work is ever-changing and organic. It stems from my visual curiosities. I like to allow my photographs to speak for themselves, sometimes they are surreal and abstract, other times, dynamic. I look for the magic, dream feelings of every day objects and events, capturing time and making people wonder. Artsy and unique are what I focus upon, making the everyday seem uncommon, but making the vision in my mind a reality. I can’t really say I have a favorite subject. I shoot everything, taking into consideration dramatic lighting and shadow play. I don’t think I was really ever taught to be a photographer, it sort of was there all the time. I did learn techniques and processes, but photography is more of a reaction to me, a second sight of sorts. It is as natural to me as seeing and the more photographs I take, the more I see the world.

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