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Curtis Singmaster

Curtis Singmaster is an artist, builder, and creative problem solver.

Curtis’s work evolves from energy, wit, curiosity, and humor. His approach to objects and material is restless and unconventional. Sly, silly, rambunctious, deadpan, average…these words evoke emotion in his work.

Curtis likes to create things that possess the possibility of changing ones perception, and discovering unforeseen potential. He has a passion for old techniques such as upholstery and joinery as well as loud colors like pink. He contrasts the two, along with contemporary objects and ideas. Curtis also likes using found objects. He often applies the “right” material to the “wrong” technique, or vise versa.

Curtis likes to play with scale, especially when working outside. He often creates sculptural interventions of minimal means in public sites troubled with neglect, interjecting humor or beauty in an attempt to rejuvenate the site into a new experience. He is equally concerned with where an object is, as opposed to what an object is. He likes the idea of touching someone artistically when they least expect it, sometimes grouping indoor works in a salon style fashion allowing the work to project a collective voice.

There are times when Curtis feels it necessary to be physically involved in his work. His presence serves as a catalyst or dialog for or with a specific object. An object sometimes needs to be put to use. He strives to keep things physically simple and stripped down, but conceptually rich.

Curtis is also a teacher and a custom furniture builder.  He received his MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and his collegiate teaching certificate from Brown University. He has substantial teaching experience at the high school and college levels.  He is currently the chair of fine arts at the Fountain Valley School of Colorado.  Curtis’ work can be seen at &



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