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Dee Deeva M.

Deeva Is the Artistic Director & Founder of the Ahora Dance, Gypastion, Espiritu Flamenco & Planeta Deeva Productions & Deezine’s By Dee and also president and founder of Colorado Springs Puerto Rican Comite Originally from Chicago. She is a Dancer/Choreographer, Singer-Songwriter, Poet ,Actress, Entertainment & Creative Consultant,Promoter,Booking Agent, Party & Event Planner, Stuntperson , Show Producer,Special Effects Makeup Artist, Photographer & has been a Model / Miller Girl, Spokesperson amongst other things. She has been In the Industry for over 18 years Having worked in Major motion pictures with some well known Hollywood Actors,T.V. pilots and shows like Unsolved Mysteries, Cable shows, Six Flags Great America Theme park (Gurnee) , JPM Productions As part of the Creature Crew Alumnus In the number one Fright show in country. Also Doing Improv. @ Second City comedy club in Chicago.In the early 90’s she was the Premiere Dancer For the Ruiz Belvis Cultural Dancers Performing in and Around Chicagoland Area She studied under world renown Dancers & Choreographers Darlene Blackburn , Jose Hernandez, Djalaal, Pollie, Joel Hall , Giordano’s and at Columbia College. She has a background of various dance styles from Hip-Hop to Latin dance, Afro, Carribean to belly dance & World dance. She also performs her own Unique styles shes developed Nuevo Gitano (New Gypsy) , Abstract fusion,& Urban Crossings her style in which she fuse all techniques.Something we now see alot of others starting to do or trying to attempt. She’s been doing it forever. Deeva is ahead of her time and has been doing this for over 18 years. That is not the only thing Deeva does. She studied Theatre and Speech in Chicago and also went to Second City and worked with Burt Haymen .She has also done One woman shows & Gallery Openings Like Around the Coyote , presentations in the flatIron’s buiding in Wicker park and alsoThe Pan-American Festival,The International Day of the Woman and Chicago’s Zephyr Dance Studio and has also danced with Chicago’s Samba School . She was at a time part of Code 3 Records as a Singer/ Songwriter /Choreographer/Manager and also worked with Ozzy M. of Bmarzz productions . She’s also worked with other producers and music engineers in past. But as of late she has been making appearances In Chicago, Colorado, at Fort Carson,Local Festivals,And many other Events In and around the Beautiful city of Colorado Springs . Having performed In Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana ,Texas .


  • In honor of Latin Heritage and the many performances throughout the years. This is an oldie but a goodie.

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