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Debra Greer

I was born to be an artist who works with natural fibers. My aunt likes to relate that I drew princesses with long flowing hair when I was too little to draw yet! In the course of growing up around Pueblo, CO, my family did as much outdoors as possible, including water sports, camping, fishing and hunting.

While we were out there, my Aunt Izora would take me “buggin’” – looking for arrowheads. Though I was never good at spotting arrowheads, I loved the stories she told about how the ancient people made rope, shoes, clothes, built their homes, healed and fed themselves from the bounty of the land. Dad had a box of old pot sherds from those buggin’ expeditions, and I loved to go through that box, imagining the slow, smooth movement of the owners of those fingerprints left forever on a broken piece of corrugated ware.. wondering where the vision came from for the ones who painted those mysterious spirals on the Anasazi Black on White.

I have always reveled in the abundance of color and raw materials in this Colorado landscape. As I grew up I got the idea from dreams that I was meant to learn and teach the basics of what it takes to survive in this world without a store down the street. My particular bent is toward natural fibers and clays. So I am a weaver, a spinner, a maker of primitive pottery. My inspiration comes from light and snow, dusk on the mountain, fields of tinted clouds.. road cuts and spiderwebs and soft or coarse or silvery hair, fleece, silk, down, feathers and bones and stones and babies of all species.

Today I teach various types of weaving from tapestry to 8 harness, using everything from homemade cardboard looms to massive treadle floor looms. I also teach just about anything fiber related – fiber preparation such as washing the raw fleece and carding it, specialty carding for spinners and felters, wet felting large and small, basic spinning, dyeing with chemical and natural dyes, in my studio in Falcon, CO. I love to share (show off!) my fiber passions, so I am often available to do demonstrations for the public in these arts, too!

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