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Diego Arnedo

“Making the Invisible, Visible”

The creations of Diego Arnedo will change your perspective on how you view art. His artwork is color changing which allows you to experience 2 realities with the same art piece.  First, you will experience the piece in visual light, then you will see it’s reflection in UVA (ultraviolet) light. The use of ultraviolet light elevates fantastic and unused colors into our realm of vision.

Diego Arnedo also is a performer. His performance pieces, entitled “ART LIVE” are his way of using different techniques and elements to impact his audience and invoke changes in the atmosphere.. “ART LIVE” is a shared ritual where he creates a live work that transmits a trip through the abstract. These performances go hand in hand with house music, ambient, and world sounds. Diego incorporates conceptual lighting, visuals, and illusions into each show.






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