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Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth – Fine Art Painter

Specialising in scenes which reflect the Mountains & Landscapes based on her experience of all the seasons, Elizabeth Williams creates artwork which reflects the elemental tone and texture of the natural world.

In addition Elizabeth also paints still life subjects from live set ups, under controlled lighting, in her studio, which vary between classical realism in the style of the old masters to that of looser, contemporary paintings in a place between Realism and the Abstract.

Lizzy Williams – Musician & Singer

To sustain my passion for painting I also find side hustles as a performance artiste – singing at weddings, parties and other events.

Harmonious, powerful, and compelling are words often used to describe my sound and energy.

Finding more work became a challenge however by creating a professional profile and getting a listing as a female singer in Denver Colorado has been rewarded with a growing number of bookings via this online entertainment booking platform

I also have been a part of corporate and wedding bands so my repertoire is very extensive with the ability to perform songs in just about any genre.

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