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Interrobang‽ is an all-original alt-rock/grunge/funk band hailing from Colorado Springs. We bring a hard-hitting sound reminiscent of nostalgic 90’s and early 2000’s music, something that echos the upbringing of our own musicianship. Our intricate melodies and powerful lyrics beckon a new musical renaissance that speaks to those especially in our generation, holding true to the definition of an interrobang: the grammatical symbol for a question mark and an explanation point combined together.

Interrobang‽ is a collaboration comprised of the lead songwriting partnership of Kiera Lynn on vocals and Jacob Blackwell on guitar. Heading up the rhythm section is Alex Buxton on bass and Lonnie Patrick on drums. Kiera, Alex, and Lonnie have been playing around the local area for well over six years and have finally come together with Jacob’s impressive melodic songwriting that mirrors Kiera’s to create a powerhouse of new and original material that echoes the past but encourages change and progress – something different.




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