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Janet Sellers

I’m an American painter and sculptor of small art(for your home and office) and extremely large public arts projects in paint, metal, and concrete; I’ve exhibited internationally since the 1970s, including Japan, Korea, the USA. Besides enormous public murals in U.S. cities since 1985, my public art works in this past decade now include concrete and steel monolithic works with dynamic textures and cut out forms within them. I use and upcycle local elements and materials from existing sites whenever I can, incorporating them within and without the artworks. My work ranges from tiny 3″ up to 6′ paintings, and mixed media to murals 500′ long… and all sizes in between. My mini-cine movies are teeny, tiny shorts with the flash of an idea or the insight of poetry – I invented “Me-tube” before Youtube did – hahah. I’ll admit that in my spare time I have a thing for inventing elegant, handy things like utensils, and the clever ways we use the common ones with innovation. I love inventing things that are virtually mindless to use and completely easy to own. A case in point is a solar cooker from a can, a solar light from a jug of water, or a hammock hung from a tree. Oh, and I also love kayaking, fishing, golf and poodle anything (love those pooches!) I’ve been known to take my watercolors out in the kayak and paint right on the lake with the trout jumping all around, the birds fishing, and the wildlife milling around as if I were another one of them – I am pretty tame, though.

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