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Jeremy Grant

In 2005, I began to collect junk. While others were content to let bottle caps, rusty washers and old keys decay in gutters, I wasn’t. Something in these odd, cast-off bits of junk intrigued me. Building on a foundation of 15 years of art making and education, I began to assemble wall-hanging sculptures, shadow boxes and free-standing sculptures from the junk I had collected. Objects carry associations. People viewing my art will often recognize the objects I am using and tell me the associations they have with those pieces. “I remember having one of those toys as a child,” or “I use those bolts everyday in my job.” Those associations are important to me, and I try not only to create a piece of art conveying an idea, but to craft a story that resonates with my audience. As I move forward and push this medium of found object assemblage, I am following the theme of redemption. Redemption is that act of finding or revealing the full worth of something or someone. Meaning, beauty and worth are often found in unexpected places, and unexpected people. The teachings of Jesus point to the fact that God finds value in messed up people like me and you. Just as God goes great lengths to redeem people, we too can go great lengths to find worth, dignity and beauty in each other. My aim is to explore, illustrate and expound upon this theme of redemption.? I live in Colorado Springs with my wonderful wife and daughter. Currently I work at CSK Strategic Marketing as a graphic designer.

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