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Lance Timco

Education: BFA Stephen F. Austin State University 1981 MA University of Dallas 1989 MFA University of Dallas 1991
Bio: I have been an artist/potter for over 30 years. I produce a wide range of Functional and Decorative Vessels. These include High Temperature Ash, Mid-Range Ash, Raku, Faux-Raku, Saggar and Multi-Fired pieces. I have a formal education with a terminal degree in ceramic art and have worked for a number of production potters in the Western USA. I have traveled extensively throughout Mexico, Central America, Europe, Japan and New Zealand. I enjoy the exchange of concepts and methods with fellow potters. My work is exhibited in my studio and in local galleries and shows throughout the year. I teach ceramic art in my studio and chair the ceramics department at Pikes Peakl Community College. Statement: “The more I create, the more I want to create.”
Why I Create: I was first attracted to ceramics because of the joy I saw in the making. I delighted in the knowledge gained from the past through the discovery of vessels or shards. I enjoy problem solving and seeking answers to complex questions of which the creation of ceramic objects lends itself. In the process of creating my decorative vessels, I seek traditional form, upon which I draw a line on the surface which turns into shapes that are reminiscent of a maze or puzzle. The intention is to provoke a tactile and visual intimacy and contemplation. I desire the creation of objects in which the viewer has questions and seeks to find their own answers. How I Create: I begin my creative process with the rhythmic wedging of stoneware clay as I contemplate the series of forms to come. Through a blend of concentration and relaxation I find harmony in the forming, decorating and the finishing of each piece. My wheel thrown forms are carved, dried, bisque fired, glazed and finally glaze fired in a Raku kiln or high-fire kiln.


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