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Sophia Hanna

Sophia Hanna, 22, has grown up immersed in the arts community of Colorado Springs.

Her first pieces debuted in the SPQR and Modbo Small Works show when she was only eleven. She has sold numerous works and commissions since, diving wholeheartedly into oil painting in 2017. In her two first solo oil shows at Colorado Coffee Merchants(2017) and SPQR(2018), Sophia began to explore her experience with identity and mental illness via figurative work focusing on symbolism. In 2020 and 2022, she was honored to participate in the yearly “Gratitude” show at the Kreuser Gallery. In 2021, the fine dining restaurant Ephemera hosted an immersive solo oil show, where Sophia debuted a new direction in her art.

Her impressive abstract figurative oil paintings on custom wooden panels, and accompanying installations, began to lean toward magical realism. As far as their message, Sophia dove into the universally human journey of learning to live in our own skins. By facing herself in paint over and over, the artist forces us to see ourselves in each piece as she explores the relationship with her own body, healing, forgiveness, chronic pain, compassion, fear, and mental illness. The goal of each piece is to share her own vulnerable experience, hoping that it encourages the audience to do the same. She believes art is all about connection and always aims to cultivate it with her work.

Now, she’s working out of an art studio at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts, preparing for a solo exhibition at the Kreuser Art Gallery for March 2023, where she focuses on body image. Sophia has also started teaching local art classes through the Cottonwood Center for the Arts, and the Bemis School of Art. While she prepares for her show, Sophia teaches, participates in markets, enters group shows, leads workshops, sells merchandise, takes commissions, participates in fundraisers, works as a barista, and much more.

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