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Cass Mullane: Prosper Creatively

Cass Mullane: Prosper Creatively located in Colorado Springs CO

Prosper Creatively® coaching is specifically designed to deliver “left brain” business skills in a more right brain, visual fashion.

It is a comfortable, expressive and intuitive way to achieve your vision for your business!

At her core, Cass Mullane is a right brainer, a creative, an artist. Over the last 25 years working with law firms and corporations, and ten years as a coach, she have developed a strong set of left brain business skills. Mullane created Prosper Creatively® to marry both skill sets and deliver solid business coaching in a different way.

Through private or group coaching, or by attending Prosper Creatively® workshops and webinars, you can:

  • Get clear and stay clear on your vision Identify and articulate compelling goals
  • Make a plan and stick to it
  • Quiet the “Mind Monkeys” in your head
  • Learn to ask the right questions to stay on track
  • Manage the bumps in the road
  • Build a flexible budget
  • Learn how to talk about money productively
  • Stay accountable to yourself and to your dreams

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