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Reclaiming Hope

Reclaiming Hope located in Colorado Springs CO

Restore Innocence was founded as a faith-based 501c3 in 2010 by Jason and Michelle Korth out of a desire to see young women in the United States provided with holistic aftercare in the wake of human trafficking. From the outset, we formed invaluable and trusted relationships with law enforcement and gleaned from their experiences, which helped us to define the most pressing needs for survivors.

We found that even though awareness around this crime was slowly growing, and increased numbers of young people were being recovered each year, the bridge back to emotional, physical and relational wholeness was extremely difficult to locate and to cross.

From that point until today, we have dedicated ourselves to understanding and entering into the recovery journey with Survivors  – whether they were trafficked by pimps, family members or cult groups.

Many Survivors have told us that they have trouble believing that their innocence can ever be restored. Or they have said that the word “innocence” reminds them of a hard childhood. They encouraged us to find a different name, one which would build more bridges with Survivors. A name that would help them to hope and to dream again: Reclaiming Hope.

September, 2021, Restore Innocence began doing business as Reclaiming Hope.

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