Mar 26 2016
Star Wars LCG Store Championship presented by Petrie's Family Games at Petrie's Family Games, Colorado Springs 0

Star Wars LCG Store Championship

Presented by Petrie's Family Games at Petrie's Family Games

The Imperial fleet sifts through the galaxy for signs of the Rebel Alliance’s hidden base, hoping to obliterate it with one powerful blast from their newly constructed Death Star. As the Empire’s imposing Star Destroyers draw near, the Rebels realize there is no time to spare, so they mobilize for a desperate attack. Squadrons of starfighters launch into space. Their pilots know that many of them may soon make the ultimate sacrifice for galactic freedom…
Store Championships kick off Organized Play each year in style. With Store Championships, you will find players of varying skill, more prizes than your weekly game night or league, and loads of fun. Store Championships are also a great chance to play in a more competitive event at your local store and vie for bragging rights and the title of Store Champion.

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Dates & Times

2016/03/26 - 2016/03/26

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Petrie's Family Games

7681 N. Union Blvd., Colorado Springs