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The Conference Table

The Conference Table

“The Conference Table” was created by Frank Morbillo.

“The rhythms, textures, and lines of the Southwest landscape have had a strong influence on my work over the past 30 years,” says Morbillo.

In this arid environment, the artwork of nature is readily visible: skies are broken yearly by downpours that shape the landscape, carving canyons into the land, revealing historic rock formations and ruins, and leaving evocative patterns in the soil.

Morbillo echoes these natural processes by using unconventional methods in his metalworking, including tearing molten bronze to achieve an organic quality that reflects the stress, pressure, and fractures of the landscape.

In viewing this piece at the county courthouse, consider how water remains a dynamic force – and a contested resource – in our region.

Medium type: Bronze; Steel


Colorado Springs, CO, 80903

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