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The website is a service to the community, and strives to provide a comprehensive and current listing of cultural events and activities throughout El Paso and Teller Counties. Area stakeholders are encouraged to review this list of service options to see how they can take full advantage of this powerful community resource.

Please also note that PeakRadar is not and cannot be all things to all people, and content decisions will always remain at the discretion of Cultural Office staff. The calendar is designed with patrons and consumers in mind: for residents and visitors making decisions about how to spend their leisure time – be that last-minute decisions about what to do on a Friday night, or planning weeks or months in advance for a visit to the region.

The following types of events are typically not included: club meetings, civic meetings, candidate forums, political events or rallies, fun centers such as miniature golf courses and the like, charitable fundraisers that are not for cultural organizations, special restaurant promotions and pricing deals, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact our Peak Radar Manager at or call 719-634-5155.

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If you are a “creative” living in the Pikes Peak region, you are invited to join the directory of Artist Profiles. Typically, you must be 18 or older to setup an Artist Profile). (You will need to register as a user before you can add a profile).

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