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Colorado College Music Department

Colorado College Music Department located in Colorado Springs CO

The Music Department at Colorado College strives to be an all-inclusive place where musicians of all interests and skills can come to participate in music activities. No audition is required to enter the department, and while the department offers a course of study for both music majors and minors, all students at Colorado College are eligible to attend classes and sign-up for ensembles. In fact, many of the 350 students who are active in the department do so only for their own pleasure.

As seen from the department’s course listing, the academic curriculum attracts and stimulates students from the entire campus. The Block Plan allows for course trips to the opera in Denver, to churches, synagogues and mosques for Jewish and Islamic music, to Native American pow-wows for American Indian music, and as far as Bali, Indonesia to attend Hindu temple ceremonies.

The department’s national award winning full-time and visiting faculty includes professional artists-in-residence, composers, ethnomusicologists, American musicologists, music historians, and a music technologist. They provide students with training in performance, music theory, composition, western and non-western music literature, media and technology. The small class size means that they are available to you both as academics and musicians.

Ensemble directors preside over a wide variety of group performance opportunities, and studio instructors offer private lessons in instruments from the classical orches

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