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Poetry West

Poetry West located in Colorado Springs CO

This organization no longer appears to be active.

Poetry West is an organization dedicated to the education, encouragement and support of writers and poets throughout the community.

Established in 1982, Poetry West is a non-profit and volunteer-led organization offering creative space for poets of any skill to gather for the enjoyment and craft of poetry. The goal is to provide a forum where people who enjoy writing, reading, and listening to poetry can come together to share this common interest.

In addition to monthly activities, Poetry West organizes and participates in a number of poetry-related events in the Pikes Peak region. They host small critique sessions for members designed to improve writing skills and occasional poetry readings which often feature the work of workshop presenters. Members receive a monthly newsletter and access to a large library.

Poetry West is a proud sponsor of the Pikes Peak Poet Laureate Project.

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