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Broadmoor Elementary School: Entrance Mosaic

This tile mosaic mural was created in 2002 by Terry Kole Hall with the help of her brother-in-law Tommy Hall and the families and students of Broadmoor Elementary School to celebrate the children attending Broadmoor Elementary School.

The mural was intended to create a warm and welcoming scene for the students, faculty and staff, as they walked into the building each day. The bear with the B on his shirt represents the school mascot, the Broadmoor Bear. The cave is where he lives (the school) and the interior colors (blue/purple) represent the essential values of primary education and elementary school life: trust, peace, clarity and imagination.

Two figures to the right of the tree and above the stream represent school Principal Nancy Saltzman, with long dark hair, and building manager Will Sanchez, in a striped t-shirt. Nancy is remembered because she has always been and continues to be a kind, friendly, and familiar face for the students throughout their years at Broadmoor Elementary. Will is remembered for his consistently cheerful long-time service to faculty, staff and students. The blonde girl on the swing is the artist’s daughter Jessica, who attended Broadmoor Elementary. The girl standing to the left of the tree represents the artist’s other daughter, Avery.

All of the other children represent the importance of diversity and the power of learning not only from the teachers but also from peers. The tree and the student reading underneath it represent knowledge an

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Medium type: Ceramic Tile

Date created: 2002


440 Cheyenne Mountain Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO, 80906

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